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Top 4 things I love about the V30+ (so far)

Sprint Product Ambassador

Top 4 things I love about the V30+


  • #1 Camera… yes, obvious number one. But the camera is the BEST. I’ve had other flagships including some of the top offerings out there that the V30+ is going up against.

This beats them all hands down. Not just the wide angle lens, which I find myself using a ton, but also the incorporation of ‘Graphy’ lens which allows a user to grab the personalized settings used by professional photographers to get the perfect shot.  Say for example you’re taking a picture by a stream. You can open ‘Graphy’ and grab the settings from a pro who took a similar photo of a stream. There’s tons of pictures and settings, and It’s particularly useful for non-pro’s like me to make the best of my pictures.

There’s tons of other settings too with incorporated lenses.

I’m still learning video… I’ve tried CineView which is really an amazing way to zoom in to a scene, but it’s not always as smooth as I would like.. .perhaps because I don’t do a lot of video I’m not getting it right. This will take some more work for me. Also want to do some 360 video.. :0 


  • #2 Quad DAC – WOW. OK, so, I’ve been using Bluetooth headphones for a while. I’m using Bose Soundsport. I like the sound and I like the fact that they don’t burn out from sweat during a workout. However, I had to try out the DAC with the included headphones. All I can say is I’ve been missing out on a LOT when it comes to audio quality.  Nothing personal against those Bluetooth fans out there… I’m one of ‘em. Still, the DAC really makes the music sound so much better and clearer. Not just for streaming music, but my own library sounded 10x better. The space and clarity are like on a HiFi system.  Check out Atom Strange, The Lost Cosmonauts album and listen to ‘Neverwas’. The clarity is stunning.  The space in the music is like rediscovering my music collection all over again. Which by the way, the included earbuds sound great!


  • #3 That screen! Back to the pictures I was talking about before? After you snap a pic, make sure you view it on the beautiful 4X HD screen. It’s basically an HDTV in your hands. I’m sort of disappointed after I post pictures to Facebook/Instagram and see them on my computer monitor. The clarity just isn’t the same… everyone MUST upgrade! Smiley Happy heh… that’s the only solution.


  • #4 VR Images - More about pictures… the clarity of VR 180/360 pictures is just beautiful. I’ve uploaded a few here to look at. The colors pop and it’s So easy to use.



I loaded 2 VR’s, one ‘food’ pic.. though it’s not ‘food’ it’s really just my coffee (mug). What I like about it is the mug is the main focus and the background blurs. Very simple to use. I did take a picture of my Huevos Crab Rancheros  on auto mode as well as the mustang we used for the weekend.

Also, the camera responds lightning fast… hence the quick picture of Kurt Busch from Homestead Raceway this past weekend.


VR Images:

Check these links out - double click and zoom in... then right/left with the mouse...or VR on your V30 and just turn the device or yourself around. 

VR - Miami Beach from the Balcony 180°

VR - Miami Homestead Raceway 360°


HD Photos:

HDR Mustang

HDR Breakfast - Partially Overcast

HDR - Food Pic (Coffee)

Kurt Busch - NASCAR


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