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Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S10+ - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Today I received the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and decided to make an amateur unboxing video.  Now, this video is no Flossy Carter video by any means, but it just is a basic rundown of what comes in the box.  



The device is GORGEOUS. The color is prism white, and it somewhat changes colors as you move it.  There is no bezel and it has a beautiful, clear, and crisp edge to edge screen. It also is super lightweight at only 6.17 oz. 


Two things I missed in the video that were hidden in the lid of the box:  First, there was a notice in the box lid stating that the device includes a preinstalled screen protector.  If you choose to remove it and use a different screen protector, make sure it allows for use of all touch-screen features, including the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.  Let me just say, I cannot tell there is a screen protector on this device AT ALL.  It is as if it is the screen itself. Amazing.  The second item I missed in the video that was in the box was a pin to eject the sim card.  Sorry for those two misses!device.png




Next blog... hands on with the GS10+.   Thanks for reading/watching!

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Sprint Product Ambassador

J - Thanks for sharing the tip about the preinstalled screen protector. That is cool and seems like a first. I am looking forward to more post and information on this phone!