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Using Bixby Vision on the Samsung Galaxy S9+: Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes with something called Bixby Vision.  Bixby Vision is a pretty cool tool that uses the camera to help provide information.  What kind of information, you ask? Below, I’ll review some of the functions that Bixby Vision can perform.  


First, to access Bixby Vision, either open Bixby Vision app on your device, or open the camera and tap “Vision” icon. icon.png




Let’s say you’re at a statue or see a historical landmark and want to learn more about it.  Just point your S9 camera at the landmark and tap the “Vision” icon. It will provide information about that landmark.


In a foreign country and see some text in a foreign language that you do not understand?  Simply point your S9 camera at the text, tap the vision icon, and the text will translate live on your screen.  No need to take a photo of it for the translation to occur. You can also access this feature by opening the Bixby Vision app directly (instead of going through the camera menu).


Let’s say you see something you’re interesting in buying.  Open Bixby Vision, point your camera at it, Bixby Vision will attempt to identify the object and find one similar to it online to purchase.



Screenshot_20180511-122358_Bixby Vision.jpg




Curious about the food you’re eating?  Bixby Vision can identify the food and then tell you the nutritional data on it.  Here are two screenshots of Bixby Vision identifying my banana.



Screenshot_20180511-122444_Bixby Vision.jpg


Screenshot_20180511-122421_Bixby Vision.jpg



It can have some hiccups, however.  For example, I tried to identify some M&M’s, but as you can see it thought they were Skittles instead.



Screenshot_20180511-122459_Bixby Vision.jpg



Bixby Vision also identifies wines.  By pointing Bixby Vision and the bottle, you can learn about the wine rating and the vineyard from which it came. I haven’t tried this feature yet though.


It also has a cool make-up feature using augmented reality and makeup from Sephora.  Simply point the camera at your face and try on various lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, eyelashes, etc.  I could see this tool being useful to virtually try on makeup before you buy it.


So, if you’re getting a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, definitely check out Bixby Vision. It is some pretty cool technology, and a lot of fun to use.