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V30+ First Look - Ohhhhh Shiny!

Sprint Product Ambassador

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First Impression:

This phone really catches your eye.  First thing out of the box The all glass and metal LG V30+ feels amazing in the hand.  It's a big phone but somehow it doesn't feel too big.  It's 6 inch screen with HDR capability really is a sight to behold when you first power it on.  V30.PNGPhoto courtesy of


When I first got the LG V30+ I had heard that there were some screen issues with graininess but I'm happy to report that at least on mine the screen looks perfect.  I have even used it for VR in a Daydream headset which magnifies the screen and still been pleasantly surprised.  But the screen is just one aspect of this very pretty device.  The front and back are made of Gorilla Glass 5 with an anodized metal rim around the sides.  The back glass has a really cool texture pattern below the surface that gives the phone a very high end feel.  The nice thing about Gorilla Glass and metal is that if you did happen to drop this phone without a case it should hold up well.

I can't understate how great this phone feels in the hand.  Coming in at only 5.57 ounces it's not too heavy but you can still tell that it is there when you pick it up. 



I'm going to do a whole review on the camera later but it really has some cool tricks up its sleeve.  With the ability to take a wide angle shot with the touch of a button you can get actually get a lot more in your photo compositions when needed. Here is a quick example of just the lens change without moving the camera. 

Hulk Test.jpgHulk Smash!

  I'm really looking forward to my time with this phone and will be back shortly to review the device software and camera. But so far things are looking good!



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