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Wellbeing is saying I've had enough on the Pixel 3A

Sprint Product Ambassador

Greetings everyone, as part of my series of posts on the Pixel 3A I’m choosing to write about an intriguing setting within the Digital Wellbeing section of the settings menu.   If you are new to the Digital Wellbeing settings there are several options to explore; illustrations showing how you spend time on your device, way to disconnect, control blue light exposure and so on.   In this post I want to show you a simple trick to address the age old behavior habit of overdoing it.   When it comes to over indulging in an activity let’s face it we’re experts.   We eat too much, work too much, we watch too much TV.  (those were the safest examples I could think of. . . )   So think about what we are over indulging now, correct. . . mobile devices.   Whether it is an app, game, or social media we’re spending inordinate amounts of time on our devices so why not get a little systematic assistance with self-control.  Let’s take a look at how you can set time limits on applications that you could use help with.


landing page.pngWithin your setting menu is a section title “Digital Wellbeing” where you can find the features I briefly mentioned above.  Once in the Wellbeing section I’m going to have you select  “Dashboard” to take you to the setting location pictured to the left.   The screen opens with options to view utilization stats then provides options to set time limits by application.   From this screen you simply select your problematic application and set the time limit you would like to impose on yourself.  I’m going to challenge every social media addict out there to set a healthy limit, find your way back to the real world.      












Oh no what have I done!!!  When you exhaust the limit for the day you are going to see this message appear and your app interaction abruptly ends.  The application will be paused and if you attempt to re-engage you will see another message pop up reminding you that your time is exhausted and you can come back tomorrow.  Here comes the important second part of your wellbeing experience and it is absolutely necessary in order for all of this to work.  I want you to look up, take a deep breath, and put your device down.   I say that in jest but it is necessary as you have the option to go back to the settings and adjust your timer for a longer amount of time.   Don’t do it, have some self-discipline and maintain a healthy boundary. 










A welcome option to offset our behavioral short comings, play around with the timer settings and find a solution that will bring you to a healthier state of Digital Wellbeing.


Until Next Time,

Product Ambassador Team