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What Does Google Pixel 3a lose to stay affordable?

Sprint Product Ambassador

 Checking out at the register in most places for $399 plus tax is the Pixel 3a. What do you get for that price at half the price of Googles Pixel 3? Released on the same day in May Google was surely trying to give a more affordable option that came in slightly cheaper than its competitors. What exactly did Google not include to keep it affordable? One of the biggest pros, in my opinion, is the amazing 12.2 MP f/1.8 rear camera it does lack the pixel visual core imaging chip so that is one of the ways it cut costs. I will explore the camera and share some examples of photos and how they compare to competitors in a future blog so stay tuned for that. Aside from losing little optimization options where else did Google cut corners one may ask. One of the biggest downfalls of the Pixel 3a is going to be the non-ability to wirelessly charge. The charging system it does come with is an 18W and from completely dead to 100% it took a little over two hours which is not too bad. Although not having the wireless docking ability it is yet another item Google decided to leave off to keep it affordable and really it is worth the savings to still get such a good quality device. One of the other ways I have found so far that is helping to keep it affordable is the Snapdragon while the pixel 3 comes with the faster Snapdragon 845 the 3a was only privileged to have the Snapdragon 640. Although it is not really a downgrade when comparing the pixel 3a with others in the same price range it is something I would like to point out so you know why there is the $400 difference between the pixel 3. For those who have had a newer device and had withdraws form no headphone port the good news is the Google Pixel 3a has one for you. The headphone port is a good benefit but also necessary as the actually sound quality does not rate that high in my books compared to competitors. I will try to do a future post with video upload of sound comparison for you to formulate your own opinion. Overall in comparison to the Pixel 3, it may have a few downgrades which are how Google could lower price but it also retained the same if not more features and is well worth the $400 savings.


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Sprint Product Ambassador

Nice comparison of what was downgraded from the Pixel 3. There are a few other options to note that was removed..... The Google 3a does not have IPX8 protection. That can be a big one there for those that drop their phone in the water.


One of things that really stood out as a bonus for the 3a that you mentioned was adding the 3.5mm headphone jack. I have Bluetooth headset, although I like using my wired too!


Thanks for sharing!