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When in Doubt Squeeze it

Sprint Product Ambassador

The squeeze is quite ingenious because it makes engaging the assistant feature quite natural.   While gripping the lower half of the phone you simply squeeze the perimeter of the phone’s frame, if successfully recognize you get haptic feedback the device, your screen lights up, the familiar chime, and the assistant is ready and listening for your command.   The user experience is pretty good, once you get the squeeze sensitivity figured out the success rate of recognizing the squeeze command is consistent.    To ensure you have a good experience let’s take a quick look at how to set the sensitivity.


squeeze settings.png


The screen shown here can be found in your settings menu under the System section, then by selecting Gestures, and finally Active Edge.  There will be a few options you can toggle on/off the first of which is to activate the squeeze option.   Most of your time on this screen should be spent setting the squeeze sensitivity, you will want to change the levels to find which level has the best success rate without inducing unintentional activation.    I advise changing the level one setting to the lighter side until you get a high success rate but can still pull the device out of your pocket without accidental activation.


Thus far I’m using it and I’ve largely stopped queuing Assistant using “Ok Google”.   Better solution for me as I think it less socially awkward.  Smiley Happy







Until Next Time,

Sprint Product Ambassador Team