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Where Is My App Drawer on my New LG X Power?


So you just got your new 2 day loving battery device the LG X Power and you love it but you miss that iconic Android App Drawer? Now what? Well you can get it back in just a few clicks. For some of you that may not know what an App Drawer is on the phone, it is the icon you click that houses all of your applications you have downloaded in neatly organized pages. This allows for easy use and fast access to applications you may use. The alternative that is stock on the LG X Power is the home pages located on the phone that lays out the applications you download in random places as you download them. Okay, enough of the jib-jab lets dive into how to turn that long lasting device into your standard Android phone you have grown up with and loved!

First you will need to be on your home screen with an open space available to press and hold. Once you do this you home screen settings and windows will pop up for you to select from. Simply click the gear symbol that says Home Screen Settings. Once you click this you are taken to your Home Screen Settings main screen, simply click Select Home. You will then see the option to download Home & app drawer, click this option and download the setting on the next screen. After downloading you can simply click the Home & app drawer within the Select Home settings and you are golden!

Use this trick to house and access all of your apps downloaded to your new phone and binge away on all that you love with the simplistic drawer you have learned to use over the years of Android!