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Your new personal assistant – the Samsung Galaxy S 10+

Sprint Product Ambassador

I’ve been using Personal Data Assistants since the days of the Palm Pilot and the Blackberry, where it was a novel but utilitarian idea to carry your work email with you on a mobile device.  Nowadays, we take that novelty for granted.  I have 4 different email accounts on my phone for 2 different people, and I also manage various social media streams in an effort to keep up with industry and world news.  Recently, the trend in mobility has been to focus on the “Personal” portion of Personal Data Assistance.  OEM’s are focused on making their interactive media personalities more personal, more customizable, and more integrated with the other smart things in your home.

Samsung is a leader in this movement.  We have all see items where we initially though ‘why would I want that to be “smart”?’.  A refrigerator, a light bulb, a scale, a blender… why would I want to integrate them with with other smart devices?  With some things, we come around.  With others, we don’t.  But the idea is that automation can make everything smarter, or more accessible.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ integrates anything and everything that it can.  Features read off like a laundry list of things we wanted them to “fix” back in 2016.  However, what I’ve found most impressive is how they have taken their UI and integrated all of their peripheral accessories so seamlessly in to an all day, every day workstation. 

For example, Samsung Health takes basic data about your physical state of being, and then sets goals for you based on your preferences.  It can be intrusive, so that your focus on getting healthy and working harder on physical fitness is more of a priority, or it can be very inobtrusive, only tracking basic data and not notifying or reminding you all the time.

Same thing for the Smart Things platform, which finds connectable “things” in your home that you can control with your handset.  It’s very easy to set up, with an intuitive search and startup script, and then easy to maintain.

And finally Bixby, who is directly competing with other personal assistant personalities, has become much more robust.  Users are able to customize routines based on what network you are connected to, what accessories you are connected to, GPS, time of day, and other qualifiers.  It will automate certain functions and change shortcuts to accommodate the location or routine you are running.

In essence, the Galaxy S10+ has become MORE personal.  I have been very surprised and pleased at how easy Samsung has made it to personalize the entire experience with the handset, and knowing how many features have been packed in to this device, I’m very excited to continue customizing and integrating my new S10+ in to all facets of my personal and professional lives.

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Sprint Product Ambassador

Looking forward in seeing more on this phone.... thanks for sharing!