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2/18: SPRINT UPDATE - Samsung Moment CL14 - PC OTW Availability


2/18: SPRINT UPDATE - Samsung Moment CL14 - PC OTW Availability

I talked to Ken today and he told me that the CL14 update for your Samsung Moment will be available OTW from your PC starting this Friday (02/19/10). You’ll want to look in the “How do I?” section in the “Advanced” category in the support section of (link below). I will update with a link directly to the instructions once it becomes available.

****************************************** PC DOWNLOAD UPDATE ****************************************

IMPORTANT ACTION: Prior to installling the PC Download from the Support website it is recommended to UNINSTALL all existing Samsung USB drivers.

Coming to You......text notification beginning 2/23 - 2/25: a customer notification will be sent via text message to ensure all device users are notified of the software update -- “SprintFreeMsg: Important software update required for your Samsung Moment.  View instructions at

As a reminder, CL14 fixes:

  • Network Assist GPS to allow indoor location fix
  • Updates to several third-party apps, including Visual Voicemail, NFL, NASCAR and Sprint TV
  • Change to Emergency Dial on lock screen
  • Hard reset available in recovery mode: remove and reinsert battery; press volume down, send and end keys until reboot option pops up; scroll to wipe data/factory reset; press OK
  • Various improvements to battery life

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Gargox wrote:

I've updated my moment but now under settings the battery status no longer reports a percentage of charge.  Now it's only "not charging" or "charging=usb"

any idea how to fix this?

Download "Battery Widget", it is a home screen widget, and it shows the battery %.


MoparMan06 wrote:

Download "Battery Widget", it is a home screen widget, and it shows the battery %.

That's a great alternate, but did this happen to other people after they updated also?


After my update mine says this to, so I plugged in the charge and it did state that it was charging. So maybe it only states that when the phone is not plugged in, try and plug in your phone and see what the status is then. I'm sorry I miss-read your post you were saying that it no longer gave you a percentage oof sorry.

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I tried running the update. My problem was in the middle of the update it froze at 62% for like an hour. It said time elapsed was 37 seconds. So I unplugged the phone and started over again but now it just get to the detecting phone Windows will detect the phone but the update will not. Now all I'm left with is a phone that boots to the Samsung logo and sits there. any ideas how to revert back to the old OS?


Well I for one am really PO'd right now. 

I too got this urgent text message about updating the stupid phone.

I tried several times to download the file from the website.  Kept saying error.  I mean I tried about 15 times.

When i finally got past that I ran into the same problem as everyone else where it wouldn't connect and just kept saying found hardware.

Saw the fix was to boot the phone regularly and connect it to get the pc to recognize it and the drivers, then run the directions as printed.

Yes it did recognize it, but then when I put it in download mode the second time (per the instructions) I got the next issue which bricked my phone.

Basically you click the download software now button, and it says 2% then freezes.
Never goes any further, no matter how long you wait.

Sooooo, I called the delightful CSR for Samsung and you know what she friggin told me???!?!?!?!

This update is known to have problems with WinXP SP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello????  Are you flippin kidding me?!?!?!

And you couldn't have SAID that in your directions?

Oh, and who on this earth with Windows Auto Updates DOESN'T have SP3 on their pc?

What a crock!!!!

I'm so mad right now!!!!!!!

So here I go taking time off from work to haul my happy ***** down to the sprint store in hopes that they can *****FIX the *****thing!


Do not try to do this update.

Just take it to Sprint and let them do it.

This is absolutely BEYOND ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have one simple question, what were you doing ugrading your phone at work? or did you mean that you would have to take off work to go to the store when they are open? Also, I had multiple issues with the upgrade, however being a computer techinician/ help desk person i was able to get mine going after 3 attempts. While I agree the documentation was a bit flawed i do not believe it warranted the anger and hostility, as this update was your choice to download.

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