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A Few Points About the Android 2.1 Announcement


A Few Points About the Android 2.1 Announcement

I just want to point out that from a purely PR/Perception point of view, the launch of the Moto Droid is being handled excellently.

It is the first phone to launch with Android 2.0, so this is obviously aimed at that phone and is most relevant to the launch of that device.  A rumor that a fix for potential bugs is ALREADY in the works (keep in mind that the phone is not even out yet!!) is exactly what will be needed to calm any potential fires/backlash about software issues that are sure to pop up from early adopters.

I hope Sprint is paying attention.

In the end, this rumor will mean nothing, but Verizon, Google and Motorola are truly working together and being extremely proactive and cautious about supporting and protecting the launch this device. If nothing else, this shows customers that all three comapnies are extremely dedicated to this device and is, if nothing else, reassuring.

I don't doubt that Sprint and HTC are working together and have a great partnership around the Hero, but it certainly does not show.

You can start to understand why Sprint customers are feeling a bit neglected when it comes to Sprint/HTC's reactive approach...


Re: A Few Points About the Android 2.1 Announcement

The first thing I thought to myself when I read the news this morning about 2.1 and minor bug fixes was someone just walked into the development department at Samsung and HTC and said:  "You go home now.  We not work on this any more.  We call you when 2.1 released.  Sprint customers wait until we ready with 2.1 update.  Maybe we get lucky and Android 3 be released by time 2.1 come out on a phone so we not have to do 2.1 either.  Have good month vacation.  See you in spring."


Re: A Few Points About the Android 2.1 Announcement

I'm sure, in simlar fashion to what they did with Android 1.5, HTC is not only working on adding Sense to 2.0, they are fixing many of the same bugs that will be addressed in 2.1.

If there is a 2.2 announcement before we hear anything firm from Sprint/HTC, about our updates, then I will start to get annoyed - for now, I'll maintian faith in HTC that Sense + Android 2.0 will function better than regular Android 2.1...

Time will tell.

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