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Advanced Task Killer & Battery Issues


Advanced Task Killer & Battery Issues

Is this a needed app? I have read so many different forums regarding having this app or not. The person at the Sprint store says it is a must. Some of the android forums says not.

Regarding the battery issue of 50% that is being displayed on phones, I should disregard and not even check it since it is a bug in the program. Is this correct?

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Re: Advanced Task Killer & Battery Issues

No, not on the LG Optimus S. It is running Android 2.2 which has built in process management software. It takes care of shutting down apps when they aren't needed.

To maximize battery life check what apps are running, what apps are updating in the background and what frequency they update in the background.

Uninstall any apps that you don't need; I've found with the Sprint 'Clean' ID pack and just the minimum apps I need I can get 30+ hours from the Optimus S on WiFi or 3G networks.

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Re: Advanced Task Killer & Battery Issues

Task Killers are not needed on any phone running Android 2.0+. This includes every device Sprint has.

FAQ: Why You Shouldn’t Be Using a Task Killer with Android

I see this come up over and over again. People saying that a task is running in the background and they think it is killing their battery or hogging all of their memory. So their natural reaction is to download a program made to kill tasks. Here’s the thing… you are likely doing more harm than good by killing tasks that aren’t ready to end. I was the same way when I first got my CDMA Hero. There were tons of things running that I didn’t want so I just kept killing them. After a few weeks I realized that if I stopped using a task killer (and totally uninstalled it in fact) my phone actually began to run better! The applications would close themselves and things just seemed to be running better. I get that there may be short term benefits from clearing a task, but you should still take the time to read through this.

·         Android is hard coded to automatically kill a task when more memory is needed.

·         Android is hard coded to automatically kill a task when it’s done doing what it needs to do.

·         Android is hard coded to automatically kill a task when you haven’t returned to it in a long time.

·         Most services (while possibly running in the background) use very little memory when not actively doing something.

·         A content provider is only doing something when there is a notification for it to give. Otherwise it uses very little memory.

·         Killing a process when it isn’t ready only causes it to have to reload itself and start from scratch when it’s needed again.

·         Because a task is likely running in the background for a reason, killing it will only cause it to re-spawn as soon as the activity that was using it looks for it again. And it will just have to start over.

·         Killing certain processes can have undesirable side effects. Not receiving text messages, alarms not going off, and force closes just to name a few.

·         The only true way to prevent something from running at all on your phone would be to uninstall it.

·         Most applications will exit themselves if you get out of it by hitting “back” until it closes rather than hitting the “home” button. But even with hitting home, Android will eventually kill it once it’s been in the background for a while.

There is a much longer version at the source link with more in-depth explanation.

Source: Geek For Me -

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