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Already a N1 Forum WOW!


Re: Already a N1 Forum WOW!

The Evo look sweet, but...

1) I have no idea when or even if 4G coverage will be available in my area

2) Will the Evo be available in areas without 4G?

3) Will the Evo beckon the 4G surcharge?

4) By the time the Evo releases with Android 2.1 will Android be on 2.5 or higher?

5) How long will HTC/Sprint mess around updating this new flagship phones O/S?

That makes me think the Nexus One is a better proposition especially since Google is directly releasing O/S updates.

HTC Hero and Sprint
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Re: Already a N1 Forum WOW!

You make some really good points... But the Evo will be 3G/4G. I agree the Nexus One will do very well since it is coming out first.


Re: Already a N1 Forum WOW!

I would buy the Nexus 1 before any sprint phone because Google is in the driver seat.  I do not want Sprint touching this device.  Hopefully it comes soon.  I hope April.


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