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Android Data Plans


Android Data Plans

Anyone know of an official response to the question "What phones can I purchase from eBay and use with my Sprint Unlimited Data Pack"

I don't care about rebates since I never agree to contract extensions, I only buy phones from eBay, then call Customer Service and ask for an ESN swap. I don't want to buy that spiffy new Android phone if it isn't going to work with my existing Sprint Unlimited Data Pack.

I don't care about rebates, I do want to be sure I can browse the web and read my email.

The subject of data plans comes up from time to time, they usually evolve into long threads with no definitive answers, or answers that pertain to rebate eligability.


Re: Android Data Plans

From my personal understanding;

If you want a Hero or the Moment you would need to change your plan to either Everything Data 450, 900, a Simply Everything plans or an Everything data share plan...Unlimited data pack add ons will not work. Also note that if you are on a plan that does not exist with Sprint anymore (I.E. A grand father plan), once you change to a new existing plan you will NOT be able to go back to that old plan...Contact customer care or telesales for more info regarding these phones and their plans.


Re: Android Data Plans

Now I am not sure what unlimited pack you have but if it is the Sprint Pro Pack (Which I believe is 15 dollars a month), the Sprint site shows a few smart phones you can upgrade to and keep your plan as long as you have that package...again I am not sure what plan you have so I am going by compatibility with the Pro Pack...HTC Touch Pro 2...Blackberrys will work with a BB Pro Pack...Palm Treo...Samsung Intrepid..

Again, go to and under the shop link you will be able to view every on any phone you see and you will find a link to see what plans and what add ons are able to be used with each phone.

Hope I was some help, again contact Care or telesales for the most up to date advise since they are fully trained with phone plans


Re: Android Data Plans

Most of the data intensive phones would not work for you.

You can count out most of the new and 'cool' phones (Android, WebOS, WinMo6.5+)

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