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Anyone else hate Adobe at the moment?


Anyone else hate Adobe at the moment?

Now, I know most Android devices apparently do not have what it takes to use the almighty flash player product that Adobe has created. My concerns however lie in the fact that I remember last year (Ish) that the big announcement was that ALL mobile devices will have flash. Now I guess the CPU power for most phones will not allow it, so I guess that is a bummer...I think they should have marketted that not ALL phones will get it, but super powered smart phones will. I remember the flash demo a few months ago showing flash on Hero...was that the full out flash or just a flash lite version? This is upsetting for most android users since the mass Android market does not own a Nexus One.

I may be wrong but I think I viewed something that only Windows 7 mobile devices will recieve the flash I guess no one is really getting the flash update.

I am starting not to blame Steve Jobs for attacking Adobe and flash and glorifying html5 since i guess that would work on our ancient devices such as the Hero or Moment more properly compared to flash.

So, I guess this narrows it to a couple of smart phones that can get the update...why not just advertise it as a Flash update for next gen phones, sheesh.

Just a theoritical question, do you think those people at xda would port flash to custom ROMS when flash is released, and port it to phones such as the Hero or Moment (Or any ANdroid device that isn't super powered)? I am not a developer so I have no idea if it is possible. But I would like to see that happen just so it would be a low blow to Adobe.



Re: Anyone else hate Adobe at the moment?

I guess flash is a memory hog so only the most powerful of the powerful can handle it


Re: Anyone else hate Adobe at the moment?

Imagine a world where Adobe had viable competition for their obscenely bloated and CPU ravaging products.

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