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Anyone have a problem with voice recognition?


Anyone have a problem with voice recognition?

when using voice recognition to make phone calls, the Hero selects names from the people list that are not close to the spoken word. This was attempted a number of time using differnt variations ( up close to one feet away from the mic) with no sucess. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?


Same issue here.

Also, it just keeps displaying a list after it does understand what I am saying.


I tell it to "Call person at home"

It then displays the list:

Person at Home

Person on Mobile

It still displays the list even if I only have one number available for that person.

Are there any setting available to adjust for the voice dialer?


I have owned a ton of devices and not one manufacturer has managed to get this right yet.

I had hope for the Hero because I first tested the voice feature on the google search bar and that works fine (almost too well). And yet, when it comes to serching for contacts, I got the same problems as listed above...

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