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Assign a ringer to your contacts list


Assign a ringer to your contacts list

I just received this Samsung Intercept as my replacement phone for the Samsung Moment, and I'm trying to figure out how to set a specific ringtone for a contact. I didn't get a user guide, so but I found the user guide on sprint's website and this is what it says:  Selecting a Ringer Type for an Entry Assign a ringer type to a Contacts entry so you can  identify the caller by the ringer type. (See “Ringer  Types” on page 61.) 1. From the Contact’s overview screen, press   and tap Edit. 2. Use either your finger or the Optical Joystick to  scroll down the page and select  within the  Ringtone field to display the Ringtones menu. 3. Tap either Default, Sound or Phone ringtone. Sound allows you to access your microSD card  and select a compatible music/sound file and  use it as a ringtone. Phone ringtone allows to select from an available  list of device-specific ringtones. 4. Scroll through available ringers. (To hear a sample  ringer, highlight or tap a ringer entry.)  5. Tap OK to save the new ringer type. 6. Use either your finger or the Optical Joystick to  scroll down the page and select the Save to  complete the ringer assignment.  The only problem is, there is no place that the Ringtone field or Ringtone menu pops up. Does anyone know why this is? Or how you can set each contact to a specific ringtone?

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Re: Assign a ringer to your contacts list

Custom ringtones can only be assigned to Google contacts or contacts stored on the phone. If you have Exchange synced contacts, you cannot assign a custom ringtone.

To work around this, create a duplicate contact with just their name. Assign the ringtone to that contact. Then link the two contacts (phone and Exchange) so only one shows in the address book.

Annoying, yes.

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