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Bluetooth setting on HTC with Google


Bluetooth setting on HTC with Google

I would like to know how can you listen to Pandora radio via the bluetooth headset on my HTC with Google? My settings only allow for phone audio.


Re: Bluetooth setting on HTC with Google

I'm assuming that you are going through "Menu, settings, wireless and networks, Bluetooth, tapping and holing on the device you have listed and selecting options" if under here it does not give option for device audio the profile that your Bluetooth headset was set up with is not compatible for Pandora. The headset has to have A2DP chip in order to play music and the format Pandora plays its music in has to be supported by the Bluetooth headset as well.


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Bluetooth setting on HTC with Google

I never had a problem playing Pandora when using a Bluetooth headset. Can you give us more info? Like the phone and the brand of Bluetooth device you are using?

FYI: The only time I can only use phone audio is in my car.

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