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Can't access my gmail account?


Can't access my gmail account?

The guy at the sprint store at a local Sams Club had set up a gmail account for me while I was purchasing my phone because they had a sale there and I can't remember what my password was, and I didnt set up the setting to send it to my call phone so I have no idea how to reset my password? I've reset it from how google tells me to but I didnt do the settings thing so its not sending anywhere. What do I do?

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Can't access my gmail account?

If you can't remember or access the Gmail account that means you have no access to the Market on your phone, correct? If you have been unable to reset/remember the Gmail information you are going to have to do a full reset on your device.  Your media should be saved to your sd card.  You will lost text messages.  You can save the contacts to the sd card so you won't lost them.  Then after you reset phone you create another Gmail account and start over.  Google has multiple reset/recovery options but if you have been unable to  successfully complete any of them a new Gmail account is the only option.


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Sprint Advanced Tech Support

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