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Change Your Gmail Password on Your Android Phone

Sprint Product Ambassador

If you're like most people, you'll change your passwords fairly regularly.  Very good idea!  But when you change your Gmail account password, how do you change it on your Hero, Moment, Nexus One or other Android phone?

Google has made it simple!  First, log into Gmail, click 'Settings', then 'Accounts' tab, then 'Google Account Settings' at the bottom of that page to change your password.  After you change your password for your Google accounts, you will get a notification on your Android phone alerting you that you need to change the password on your phone!  Just enter the password on the phone and the 'captcha' code, and your Android phone is now up to date with your new Google Accounts password!

No searching for hidden settings, digging through menus, just a simple click and fill in.

Nice work, Google!