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GPS satellite icon won't go away from status bar


GPS satellite icon won't go away from status bar

I'm having this issue in which the GPS icon (little satellite dish) will remain in the status bar. The only time I would normally see it pop up is when the phone is trying to find my location using GPS when running google maps, sprint navigator or any other app that requires finding my location. I've turned off GPS, killed all of the location apps and the icon is still there after 10 hours. I've noticed that rebooting the phone makes it go away but it comes back and remains there as soon as I open any app that requires my location.

Anyone else having this issue? Any fix for it?


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Re: GPS satellite icon won't go away from status bar

Yep had this problem too... I was messing around with Peep and pushed a button to report my location on twitter it showed up in the task bar and didn't go away until a re-boot.... Now one thing I do remember was it warned me to be able to see the sky before pushing said button... well, I was in the house at the time so obviously I couldn't see the sky.. so perhaps one should only mess with this part of the app when they're really outside... perhaps I'll try this again tomorrow when I'm actually outside.

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