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Google Goggles? Not for Sprint users.....not yet.


Google Goggles? Not for Sprint users.....not yet.

I understand us Hero users are skipping v1.6 and jumping right to v2.0.  IMO this is a costly mistake. 

Look here -

Not for us.  You need @ least 1.6  So we wait and wait and wait.

Hmmmm that Droid is looking reallly nice right now.


Why is jumping over 1.6 and going straight to 2.0 a "costly mistake"? Everyone with an Android device on Sprint would be furious to be behind yet again. All for 1 app? Not that big of a deal. And yeah, switch to Verizon to get the Droid. Nice phone, but you'll pay about 20-25% more monthly, plus since it requires unlimited data, too, you don't get their equivalent services to Sprint TV, Sprint Radio, Sprint Navigation, or standard Visual Voicemail since they aren't available on either the Droid or Droid Eris, save for the Visual Voicemail option, which is, from what I understand, an additional monthly fee.

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