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Great writeup on Apps for Android

Sprint Product Ambassador

alostpacket on has written one of the most comprehensive and readable guides to applications on the Android platform.  He explains what threats there are, as well as what all those permission warnings are.

The first thing when understanding the security of your phone is to know  a little bit about what makes it tick.  Android is a 'lite' version of  Linux with most applications that you download from the market written  in Java.

The reason that this is important to know is that it means Android is  very unlikely to ever get a virus in the  traditional sense of 'virus.'  Part of  the reason why is because Linux is a fairly secure operating system that  protects various parts of itself from other parts.  For the more  technically inclined this is similar to how Windows has admin accounts  and limited user accounts.  Because of this protection, applications  downloaded from the market do not have access to anything by default.   You must grant them permission for each activity they want to perform  when they are installed.  This is a very important point which we will  address a bit later.

He's courteously given permission for us to reprint his work -- I've posted it at: