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HTC Eris owners (@ Verizon) have the same complaint


HTC Eris owners (@ Verizon) have the same complaint

I agree with all of you who believe this update situation is a travesty. While I'm all about exercising patience, I think there definitely comes a time when you just have to be about business.  And unfortunately, it seems that Sprint, HTC, and Verizon all lack business skills.  I decided to look at Verizon's forums to see what people where saying about the HTC Eris, which is basically the HTC Hero, and I saw that Eris users' complaints look almost identical to ours.  It was then that I realized that if I jumped ship and went to Verizon or some other company, I would potentially be dealing with the same thing.  To make matters worse at Verizon, Verizon has already launched the HTC Incredible (sister to our upcoming HTC EVO 4g) with Android 2.1.  So, those Verizon customers have the added slap in the face that a handset at their company that operates HTC Sense already sports Android 2.1. 

So, I don't really know who's fault it is; I guess it doesn't matter. What matters is that we need an update to get the phones acting right.  But maybe we should be putting even more pressure on HTC.  Didn't someone say they publicly apologized for the delay?  If neither Sprint's Hero or Verizon's Eris have been privileged to get the update yet, maybe we really should light up HTC's forums.  This is, after all, getting ridiculous.  I, like many of you, had planned on getting the HTC EVO, but if there is THIS much trouble updating HTC Sense to accept workable Android upgrades, I'm not so sure anymore.  I say, let's really begin to put the heat on HTC, as well.  What say you?

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Re: HTC Eris owners (@ Verizon) have the same complaint

Didn't I read somewhere that Verizon has already announced the EOL for the Eris?

If this is the case then they should not expect it to be updated.

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Re: HTC Eris owners (@ Verizon) have the same complaint

In my experience the HTC forums get even less response than this one does. HTC forums are run by a 3rd party that has nothing to do with HTC itself. You get nothing but crickets on that site when asking a question. I am still holding Sprint responsible. I paid them for the phone, they are the ones that lied to me about the update and when it is coming. No I am not talking about internet rumors, I am talking about face to face communications with Sprint Managers and an email response from the email address that I have posted in these forums. HTC may be sitting on an update that they cant get done, or they are sitting on an update until the EVO comes out. Either way, I am done with HTC and Sprint as soon as the new iPhone comes out. AT&T hear I come. I cant believe I am saying that.

I laugh at the people that say they are just going to get an EVO so they can have 2.1. What they are failing to realize is that they (HTC and Sprint) are going to put out the EVO with 2.1 running and 2.2 will be released about the same time. So the EVO firmware will be "old" right out of the box. Apple at least has a clear plan to updates.

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