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Hero by HTC with google


Hero by HTC with google

yesterday, I got disconected from my google account. I was asking for my password. so I decided to turn it off. After I turned it on, I notice that all my contacts were erased, so then i tried going in to my E-mail, but it took me to "set up your google account" so i tried inputing my in info to sign in. but when it was "signing in" I noticed that the Network arrows at the top of the screen were off, meaning that there was no data beign transfered. after 5 mins. it says "Can't stablish a reliable data connection to the server." I dont know what to do. Any advice? I did the soft reset, and turned off and on. I also used other programs that require network connection, and they worked just fine. Its just Google sync that is having problems. I need help!!

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