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Hero vs. Moment (24 hours after I switched)


Hero vs. Moment (24 hours after I switched)

Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth on my thoughts after switching from the Hero (I had since the 11th, Roughly 2000 voice minutes and 350 MB "network" data used, so it got a good work-out.) to the Moment yesterday.

So far my feelings are still mixed on the Moment.

Things I like:

Haven't killed any apps at all, and yet it has never once lagged in any way, ever... (Except Pandora, it seems to be a HOG but  that's Pandora's problem, not the phone or OS.)

WiFi works great.  Probably 20% more range, and I haven't had the "it shows connected, but doesn't work" syndrome that *always* plagued me on the Hero.

If you want to use the physical keyboard, it's decent, but the physical KB wasn't really much of a factor influencing my decision to swith... The stereo/WiFi/Lag (extra HTC apps running)/SMS messenger/Laggy ringtone issues I was experiencing were the reason I decided to switch.

No "awake problems"

Screen is REALLY sharp, clear, bright.. and although it "washes out" in the sunlight, it's still as usable in the same lighting situation as the Hero. (when looking at it straight-on, someone looking "from an angle" won't see it that way.

Personally I think the audio quality (Music playback through my Klipsch image S-4 ear buds) is better on the Samsung.  More balanced, better treble, clearer voices.  I'm sure that could just be the "combination" of these specific ear-buds and the phone.  Your milage may vary a lot depending on your earphones.  (Of course, there is NO stereo problem.  Stereo first time, every time.)  Max volume *might* be just slightly higher on the Moment, but I couldn't compare side-by-side, and the max volume (on both phones) is more than enough unless listening while mowing a lawn or such. (Again with the specific pair of buds.)

In call volume can go higher than the Hero for noisy situations.  Speaker phone definitely louder (if you want it, obviously it turns down also)

I like the proximity sensor. No more touching the "End Call" button with my face and hanging up the phone.  The Moment "blanks the screen" when it gets about an inch from your face.

I appreciate the ability to switch to speaker phone right on the screen.  An "End Call" button right on the screen would be a nice addition,

Although the camera takes longer to "start up" (and although it is only a 3.2 Mp camera, vs. a 5.0 on the Hero, the picture quality is actually better on the Moment.

There is also the "LED flash" on the Moment's camera, although I haven't used it.

Personally, the "pinch zoom" vs. the "-/+" zoom on the browser, the -/+ is much more accurate. press + once, and the text size for most pages is just where I want it.  With the pinch method, I often over-shot, or under-shot where I really wanted it.

What the Hero is better at:

In the "dialer" you can start typing a name (via the letters on the number pad) and it will find all contacts that can match those letters), You can't do that on the Samsung.  There may be some alternate dialers, I haven't looked yet.

I like the looks of the HTC suplied calendar better, although functionally they are the same.

The Hero's virtual keyboard is much better/accurate.

On the same note, andt this (in MY opinion) is a huge one -  big enough to almost want the Hero back - again, your preferences could obviously vary to a great extent, but for me, this one is major, pretty much making any other advantages/disadvantages a "wash":  On the Hero, when you are typing on the virtual keyboard, and you hit the wrong key (finger isn't centered, not an obvious type-o kind of wrong key) it pulls up a list of "possible matching words"  The most likely candidate is highlighted in green, and if you press the space bar, that highlighted word was automatically inserted instead of the wrong letters you actually typed. (Which, for me was always about 99.9% accurate except it would pick "ti" instead of "to" when I was trying to type "to")  On the Samsung, although the same "list of possible words you MEANT to type shows up, and you can touch the word you want, it does NOT automatically try to pick the word it THINKS you were trying to type.  If you hit the space bar to go onto the next word, it just inserts the "garbage" you typed.

I like the physical keyboard for doing some stuff, but just to do a "quick reply" to something, or a simple search, sending a text back to someone, etc...  I would prefer to use the virtual keybard.  I would guess I'd prefer the virtual keyboard for about 95% of my typing, so I REALLY miss that.  If you think you'd want to use the virtual keyboard most of the time, I'd definitely recommend staying with the Hero...  On the other hand, if you already turn the phone side-ways to use the larger layout, you might be fine just using the physical keyboard...  I've used a blackberry for 5 years, with the "verticalt mode" screen and keyboard, so I'm kind of set in my ways, as to how I like to enter data, that is why I don't do much in landscape mode, except where it is the better choice (for me) with certain kinds of apps.

Having 1 or 2 more screens (instead of 3) would be nice, but not critical.  I only used 4 screens on the Hero, the 4th was for the calendar widget.

Moment uses Micro USB, Hero uses more common Mini USB.  Unless the Micro USB connector is very thin like the supplied USB cable on the Moment, you can not open the keyboard while it's plugged in.   PLUS I have a LOT of mini USB cables and chargers laying around

The Samsung will not "detect" that it is hooked up to a data port (and give me the notification on the phone to allow me to mount the SD card) when hooked up to my older P4 system (An old "weather machine" running Linux) but works fine on the laptop and my "server" (older Core2 Duo).  It also works fine on Wife's Aspire1 netbook running Sidux Linux...  Just something about that P4... I don't know if the old P4 is possibly a USB 1 or 1.1 device, that might be the difference, I don't know.  I don't think it's the OS, since I'm running Sidux on both the P4, the Lenovo laptop,and the wife's netbook.

The antenna/radio does seem to be fractionally lower signal strength on the Moment - as in it's easier to get it to switch to roaming when I'm upstairs in my house, which was difficult at times with the Hero.  Neither are in roaming "by default, just sitting there upstairs, but it was sometimes hard to get the Hero to go into roaming mode to make a call. (Background, I've not REALLY BAD sprint reception in the town I live in, so I had to force my Hero into roaming (where I had 7 bars) to make reliable calls - My Airrave unit as promised by Sprint tech support should be here in a few days, and my repeater system for my car will be here Monday or Tuesday, $150 delivered, btw)

Of course, the thinner/lighter form factor of the Hero is a plus, but more-so if you carry your phone in your pocket like some people do, instead of a holster.  It doesn't really doesn't bother me, but it's something for someone else to consider.


Actually, found the soluiton to the virtual keyboard not picking the most likely word:

Go into settings, Locale & text, Android Keyboard, and turn on "auto complete".  Apparently this is off by default on the Moment, and on by default in the Hero.

The Dial from contacts list was easy to resolve also.  There are quite a few alternate dialers available in the Market.

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-SCenes UI is alot nicer than the stock android that comes with the moment,

-The mutliple screens on scenes alot major customization on the phone.

-The virtual keyboard is very good and vertical mode the only downside is the lagg on the 2 second delay to horizontal mode

-Yes the moment has a proximeter to dim the screen but he hero can be set to dim the screen as well after a period of time.

-THe camera on the moment is 3.2 vs a 5.0on the hero The pictures out of the phone look better from the Hero.

If you are looking at the picture that you took from the withing the phone it can look better on the Moment just becasue of the OLED Screen

-HTC Makes better phones than Samsung


I generally agree with your assessment. I too have switched from the Hero. I was so excited for it to come out, I bought it the day it came out. It is really a great phone, but it is severely underpowered. It's not Sprint's fault, but HTC's for powering the device with it's own custom UI with a weak old processor that's been used in a lot of phones from HTC over the last 2 or so years. The lagging was getting to be too much. I just felt the Hero was really trying to run really fast because it had amazing strong legs (Android OS), but it knew it had a weak heart (processor). The Instinct HD has a similarly  powered processor, and that's plenty of power for a multi-media feature phone, but not Android; at least not with Sense running on top.

After switching, I've noticed the Moment is a lot heavier, thicker, bulkier, and just overall more massive than Hero. I've never cared for phones (smart or otherwise) that feature touchscreen interfaces and full QWERTY keyboards. I always kinda figured that was a little redundant. However, I'm a convert after having the Moment. I'm very happy with it. I like the phone's thickness, size, weight, and the way it fits in your hand. You feel its substantiality.


I just got the hero last week on the 5th and love the phone but i do find it lags sometimes. Also battery life doesn't seem to be great is the Moment better?  I have had Samsung phones in the past and the ring volume was set on ascending no matter hoe you changes the settings is it the same with the monent?


I don't know about you guys, but my opinion is the Hero is better. The battery is great and has gotten even better ever since I got it. It doesn't seem to be laggy to me, it actually runs pretty smoothly. With the 2.0 update coming soon, and some maintenance fixes to follow or something, this phone will be even better.


The proximity sensor is much more than dimming the screen.  The proximity sensor actually disables screen input.  Countless times I "activated" something on the screen while talking on the Hero (usually, hanging up the phone) when it touched the side of my face.  This can not happen on the Moment.

As to the picture quality... The pictures, even on a PC screen look better from the Moment, than on the Hero - under decent lighting conditions, not taking into account the available "flash" on the Moment.  Pixel count is not the only factor in determining the quality of the photos taken.  Pixel count is a marketing gimick, to a certain extent.


Battery life (REAL life) seems to be about the same for me between the two phones (assuming you take the necessary steps on the Hero to prevent the 100% awake problems.)

The battery meter is messed up on the Moment.  It will show 100% charge in the morning, but an hour later it may be down to 60%, then in about 2 hours it is showing 15%.  It will stay on 15% for a long time, then will suddenly drop to 10 or 5%.

The irritating problem is that once it gets below 15% the screen dims to half-brightness, which if you were *actually* almost out of power, that wold be a benefit...  However you still have an hours talk time left (at least) when it gets to this point, or several hours of "other use" left.

I had a "heavy use day" today... (about 3 1/2 hours total talk-time - in a poor signal area) on the phone, a bunch (at lest for me - 40 or 50) of texting/emails.  My phone was down to reporting under 15% battery by 11am.  I finished up my job around 1:30.  The phone was on the charger for about 10 minutes on my trip home (that micro-usb cable from Samsung is too short to plug into my power supply and talk at the same time.)  Once home I made another 50 minute phone call before the battery finally died.  (I wanted to see just how long it would last, so I did not put it on charge when I got home.  Again, this was in a very poor cell area, 0 to 1 bar at most...  WIth a decent signal, I'm sure the battery would have lasted even longer.

Yes, the screen dimming when the battery drops below 15% (or so the phone SAYS) is a royal pain, especially if you are in sunlight... But I'm sure the problem resides in the software incorrectly reading/interpreting the correct battery level.


I'm posting mainly to get this bumped up in the recent post list as a favor to others.  I was about to post a hero VS moment request for the recent converts who have had extensive hands on with both, but no sense in adding bloat to the forum.

Thanks for the info.  I agonized on the moment based on features, got the hero (3 on a family plan) due to the BB rewardzone $50 off coupon.  Now the price is the same so think it's time for me to make the switch but I'd don't want buyers remorse on the moment after the fact.

My son who has a g1 has told me he DOES NOT WANT A VIRTUAL ONLY KEYBOARD! after the G1.  He just blows his friends on I phones away on text entry so that is important.  The moment is the most cost effective way to get him one.

I have gotten to like the hero, after doing a keyboard calibration I find the acuracy of the the virtual keyboard is much better, but don't think it will ever be fast enough for me to "enjoy" texting and other input as much as a hard KB.

Having "stroked" the display of the moment, I like the way the htc is smoother for dragging, and that includes the g1.  Haven't had a moment display near a hero displaying the same thing, so don't know how important the samsung screen is. 

I think the moment flash on the camera should make up for the smaller MP count, plus as a bonus can be used as an emergency flashlight on the video mode (something I find very handy on my Curve).  My son's g1 has a 3mp camera and it does fine, of course pixel count is not everything.

Any one who has first hand experience with both hero and moment please post your impressions and updates, I'm sure I'm not the only one who will appreciate it.



98ciru  Where did you find the keyboard calibration?  I've looked everywhere I can think and cant find it.


Try this, from another thread:

Go to Home > Menu > Settings > Locale & text > Touch Input > Text Input > Calibration tool.


Thanks that worked great

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