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I have sent Sprint an email for device support...


I have sent Sprint an email for device support...

both on the website and from my personal email. I have yet to hear from them. I wish I could cut and paste the email here, it is all about all the issues I have with my hero, and I asked them for some help with it. I cant use my phone as a phone. I have so many dialing issues its pathetic. I seem to always be on conference, when I just want to call one person. If someone calls me i only have 2 rings to answer it or it goes to VM, the caller, of course hears 4 or 5 rings. It often freezes just before placing an outgoing call. It sucks.

Then my texting issues.  I always show an unread text on the home screen, even if all my texts are deleted. Sometimes random texts pop up in other threads leaving me wondering who will get the reply text.

The battery lasts about 2 hours of standby and maybe 1 of talk. Its always charging. I have turned off all the features to save battery life. I am left with a phone that doesnt call, text, or have a functional battery. And all the fun bells and whistles are turned off.  And of course, its not getting  any more OS updates,  Hopefully this will be read by a sprint employee and someone will contact me. Like I said this is my 3rd attempt to get some help. I actually think I will opt out of my contract early if I dont hear from them by tomorrow. Verizon cannot be worse than this!!

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