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I've seen my next Android Handset...not on Sprint.


I've seen my next Android Handset...not on Sprint.

Hello all,

I've been with Sprint almost nine years (March, precisely).  I've always had good service with Sprint.  Ho-hum devices with certain highlights here and there.  My latest is the Hero.  Nice phone, with short comings known by all (slow, no Android 2.2, etc.).  I was planning on upgrading to the EVO or its successor, but I've hit a wall.  I've seen my next device, and it is not on Sprint.

It will be on the Death Star.  It's the Atrix.

The device's features are too compelling to pass up.  The webtop capabilities, the docks, the specs.

Why does it seems to me that Sprint's always behind in relation to other carrier's device offerings?  I see Sprint's current line up of Android devices and aside from the EVO nothing else compels me to stay.  While the Samsung Epic's screen is very nice, the keyboard kills the device for me.  No Android 2.2 on my Hero makes me wary of migrating to the EVO and seeing it stuck on 2.2, just because Sprint says so.

Well Sprint, you have a year and a half to get your stuff together.  This time I'm not falling on the upgrade bandwagon blindly.



Re: I've seen my next Android Handset...not on Sprint.

The EVO will be updated to 2.3 "gingerbread " in about 1 month or less. Remember it to started out with 2.1 and this will be the 2nd upgrade to the OS since launch.


Re: I've seen my next Android Handset...not on Sprint.

I don't know, man.  Maybe Sprint needs to bring Motorola and their Android devices into their lineup too.  Can't help to feel device envy when I go into a VZW store or an AT&T store.  You go into a Sprint store and it's like 'Meh'.

I'm still on the fence.  That, and the fact that the one year upgrade 'Premier' benefit is the same as if I were a new Sprint customer.  Aside from being able to upgrade a year early, there are no other tangible benefits of being a Premier customer.

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