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MMS,unable to see picture mail?


MMS,unable to see picture mail?

Once i download the file and select it from the threaded conversation (it says "slideshow") a black screen appears and no photo is shown in the slideshow. I have to pause the show and save it to my albums in order to see it. I already downloaded a 3rd party app that fixes this problem but i was wondering if its a known issue.

Note: Did not use WiFi


Re: MMS,unable to see picture mail?

I too have this problem. A friend sent me a mms with a single picture in it. It shows up in messaging as a slideshow with a thumbnail of what I think is the correct image. But when I click to view the slideshow, all I get is a black screen which then returns to the messaging app after a couple seconds. Very frustrating as I can't see the picture. Note however, I have been able to view mms messages in the past.

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Re: MMS,unable to see picture mail?

2 questions

Did you get the problem resolved?


What 3rd party app did you download to fix

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