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Optimus S gets 2.3 BEFORE the Galaxy S Epic 4G?


Optimus S gets 2.3 BEFORE the Galaxy S Epic 4G?

Honestly.. what the hell is going on here? Why are the Optimus S devices with their crappy hardware, sales and compatibility recieving the Gingerbread update and the Galaxy S Epic 4G with it's still very impressive sales and hardware is still chugging along with buggy old Froyo?

Have Samsung and Sprint decided not to do anything at all? Do they not realize just how terrible this version of the OS has been on this phone from the get-go? At least switch us back to 2.1 if anything.

This is ridiculous. If I don't get my green battery soon, I might just trade this heap in for an Optimus S and tell Samsung to go shove it.


And please, I don't want to see any of the sarcastic remarks I've seen on this board. No "just be patient" or "just go buy an Epic Touch" please. If I wanted the snide remarks, I'd talk to my niece.

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