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Sprint Navigation while playing music makes muddled sound overall


Sprint Navigation while playing music makes muddled sound overall

On a recent 4 hour car trip, I was using my Hero to play MP3 music through one of those crappy tape player adapter things.  It sounds fantastic through that BTW.  From my Instinct it was terribly quiet even with the volume mods.  Now through the Hero it sounds really good.  I am not sure that I have the issue with the mono vs stereo issues that many people are complaining about, but if it gets better that would be awesome!

Anyways, here's my beef.  When you use the Sprint Navigation app at the same time, the music quality all goes to h e c k. The Sprint Navigation dampens the sound from the phone and makes the music sound all muddled and the woman all muddled.....even when she doesn't have to say anything for 30 miles.  Clearly, two things are trying to use the music output at the same time, so this is creating an issue.  I think that the Sprint Navigation app should be written so that it only kicks on the sound out portion when prompted to do so.  I wouldn't classify this as a bug, but something that should be reported and improved...going straight to Telenav gets no where.  Are other people seeing this same behavior???  I also have noticed this directly hooked up via a AUX IN cable (not just with the tape adapter), not sure what happens in the A2DP streaming.

One thing the Instinct did do was kick in the audio only when the woman needed to say something, then the other portions were shut off.


Re: Sprint Navigation while playing music makes muddled sound overall

Unfortunately the phone's weak processor and low memory do not make it a good multitasking unit. Try turning on both wirelesss and bluetooth at the same time and music through a bluetooth headset is in and out and choppy.  When I want to use bluetooth headphones I need to remember to turn off WiFi.

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