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Sprint and the future handsets


Sprint and the future handsets

anyone at sprint able to confirm or deny any of the future handsets rumored to be coming out in the next few months:

The ones we know for sure


Motorola i1

Nexus one

Now the ones I am curious about

Motorola Es400

Palm C40

now you gave us info on the first 3 what baout the bottom 2? and what else is coming? Great lineup it seems but hopefully it means something good. unlike 2008...


Re: Sprint and the future handsets

There is rumored to be a Samsung Moment2 coming.

I'm also curious about the Palm C40, Have a Pre(love the OS), But the hardware quality is not so good,(mine cracked on the left side by the slider) If the C40 debuts soon I may give it a thought if it's a better design, But I will probaly will go with the Evo


Re: Sprint and the future handsets

With Palm's financial troubles, the C40 may never see the light of day. I hope it does, but I think Palms new stuff holds promise. They just need to get off that horrid tiny keyboard idea. Kevin Rose also suggested that Palm should get off of WebOS and move to Android. Though I really like the polish of WebOS, I think he's right. This is simply speculation on my part, but if they moved to Android they wouldnt have to swim upstream so much to get people to buy their products and they could take advantage of the development community that Android has already instead of creating one from scratch.

So if the C40 does arrive, I would not be surprised if it comes packaged with Android. I just hope that if there is any truth to that, that they do not mothball WebOS for good and keep it around until they can get back on their feet again.

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