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What would you recommend besides the EVO?


What would you recommend besides the EVO?

Been away from Sprint for awhile, but switched back earlier this year because for my family Sprint is hands down the best value.  Anyway we are currently rocking Blackberry Tours, but want to jump ship to an Android device.  The EVO looks awesome and very impressive, but one of my pet peeves about it is that it looks HUGE!  I want a phone that fits in my pocket and won't get damaged.  That and I am not a fan of paying the 10 bucks extra for each line that we would get the EVO on.  We are data users, but just typical web browsing, etc.  I won't be streaming tv to my phone or anything like that.  Maybe just for fun once or twice, but I doubt I would do it often.

So anyway, are there any other Andriod devices on the slate for Sprint anytime soon besides the EVO?  Something in between the Hero/Moment and EVO?  Kind of like the Verizon Incredible?  What do people think of their Hero's?

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