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Yes, another "Moment or Hero" thread... sorry in advance!


Yes, another "Moment or Hero" thread... sorry in advance!

Hey all,

First off, though I just registered here, I've been reading threads and posts for a while and it's been helpful. I was hoping to avoid making a thread myself, but I'm afraid I couldn't as I had a few specific questions I haven't found answers for.

I have been pretty set on the Hero, based on the proven track record of HTC, and all the reports of what a difference Sense UI makes. However, I don't want to upgrade my phone every year, so this has to last me at least 2 years, maybe longer, and it seems like the Hero may be on the cusp of being out of date- what with the announced HTC Legend (in Europe, anyway), which might as well be called "Hero 2", and all the HTC Supersonic rumors, etc.

I'm thinking that all of these phones will not be arriving for months at least, so I should probably hop on board with one of these two, and right now the Moment is my top contender, but I want to make sure I'm not making a foolish decision here. My questions are:

1) Soon enough both of these phones will be running 2.1- I understand that Hero likely performs better due to Sense UI, but it seems to be the case that many of the features Sense UI adds will be contained in 2.1, thus bringing the functionality of these phones much closer. Is this likely to be true? I'm still unclear on what exactly Sense UI does, so anyone that can shed light on how things are likely to change once 2.1 hits, please do.

2) I'm confused about the update and support issues. HTC stands behind its products, and I'm sure the Hero will continue to be updated. I am currently not sure if this is the case with the Moment, and that is a concern, because I need this phone to last me a long time- more than just a year, and I want the software to remain patched and current as Android continues to evolve and issues are discovered. Can Samsung be trusted here? Also regarding the updates- how easy is it to get updates for the phones? And how long are they likely to continue?

It seems in the hardware department the Moment has the Hero beat, but that doesn't mean anything if Samsung and Sprint don't make sure that the phone functions great. Most of the major differences I've read don't matter much to me- I imagine I could get used to the Hero's on screen keyboard, though I think I prefer at least the option of physical. I don't care about home screens. Multitouch functionality will be coming to the Moment soon in 2.1, so that seems to be a wash, too.

My main concern is longterm performance, and while the Hero deserves a lot of credit, it seems the Moment has potential to be even better- I just wonder if there's reason to believe that the Moment will actually realize that potential.

Sorry for how long this post is, but I wanted to be detailed about my concerns. I'm driving myself kind of crazy, and want to make the right call- I'm not swimming in cash, so this is an important decision. Thanks for reading (or skimming) and thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer me.


Re: Yes, another "Moment or Hero" thread... sorry in advance!

I played with both the moment and hero extensively and chose the Hero back in November because I had some very bad experiences with Samsung while still with ATT and from what I have read here on these forums the samsung experience here is just as bad with the instinct.  I hav had a couple of HTC phones in the past and have always had good luck with them and they have been great in their support.  I am a moderate user and have had no real problem with the Hero.  patiently awaiting the upgrade to 2.1

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