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4 Iphone


4 Iphone

I have 2 iPhone 7 and 2 iPhone 7 plus that we purchased at what I thought were BOGO and found out they were LOGO.  I have called repeatedly and asked about purchasing the phones once the leases were up and were told for 3 months to wait til you get fair market value before paying them off.  So i did what was recommended to me and now i look at my bill and see that for 3 months I have paid $120 plus dollars a month.  I could have just paid the amount at the beginning.  I have since paid the $788.00 to payoff all 4 phones.  Why would your customer service have continually recommend to wait because fair market value will be cheaper?  I have been a loyal customer for many years.  Extremely irritated!!!



Good morning. I understand your frustration, I would have felt the same way. The fair market value usually is cheaper that's why I would assume they recommended that option. If you wanted to pay off the phone before, you definitely could have done so. 


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