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About The Apps .....


About The Apps .....

Hi , i Heard That If You Have A iPhone That You Can See Where You Are Spending All You Data

Like In Apps  & Also Tells You The Name Of Those Apps & How Much You Spend On That App.

Is That TRUE!?

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About The Apps .....

SELFANFOREVER, I researched some apps for you using google. Here is one app that I was able to locate, "My data Usage pro"  which measures your wifi and celluar data and allows you to view data used by applications. Please be advised that this is a 3rd party application not supported by Sprint, If you chose to use the application as your own discrestion Sprint is not responsible if the application provides inaccurate information. Any issues with the application would have to be directed to the developer. Also keep in mind that on your iPhone your data with Sprint is unlimited so you do not have to worry about overages unless you are intending to use the device as a hotspot. Hope this helps!

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