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Anyone figured a semi-fix to Data issues?


Anyone figured a semi-fix to Data issues?

After going all over the forums here & anywhere it was mentioned, iOS7 messes up data connections.

I have tried ##CLEAR#  ##UPDATE# I have factory restored phone, reset network settings, etc. Nothing works. I have been trying to get a walk-in at the apple store for a week everyday since they never have a free spot within time-frame I need (the apple store here is in an insanely tourist filled mall, and they FLOOD the store) just to get an old stock replacement with iOS6 hoping it would fix the issue, but will it? Anyone got a iOS6 loaded 5 replacement and is using it sans issue after this data mess?

or is there a way to access APNs and make sure it is all properly set even with proper profiles. It just feels horrible when you cannot use your phone even to get texts because it flipflops on networks and nukes battery, and gets no data when Im trying to charge people via Paypal here or Square its very very bad.

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