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Anyone waiting on a replacement iPhone 5c that's on "backorder"?


Anyone waiting on a replacement iPhone 5c that's on "backorder"?

I have had the worst experience with Sprint these last few weeks.  On March 2nd after I took my phone off the charger, it died and went completely black.  Wouldn't turn on, anything.  I took it up to my local Sprint store and had them take a look at it.  They determined that there was a problem with the motherboard and since i carry insurance it would be replaced by Sprint and I'd have no deductible. Note: This was not damaged, lost or stolen so Asurion is not handling the replacement.  The store told me that the phone was currently on backorder and it will take a few days to come in, a week at the most.  They said they'd call me when it was shipped with the tracking information.  To make a very long story short, three weeks later I still have no phone.  I have talked to every person imaginable (Store Manager, Store Owner, Corporate CSRs, Retention Department, Technical Department, Apple, Asurion) and Sprint refuses to make this right. With no ETA, I'm told I just have to wait.  I am not an unreasonable or difficult to deal with type of person.  But three weeks is entirely too long to wait.  If there is not an iPhone 5c available, a comparable model should be given to me.  I'm not asking for anything that I'm not owed... what have I been paying for insurance for?  This is not just a phone for me.  It's how I get access to my email, I use it to track my fitness, it's my calendar, I use it for reading, for setting reminders, my alarm clock, not to mention gps and social media.  There are less important things like games that I'm not even going to mention.  This has been such an inconvenience to me and I'm wondering if Sprint is feeding me a line of bologna or if others are dealing with this issue as well. 

Also, a person at the store told me they may not ever become available because Apple has stopped making them.  If that's the case (he said) I may be given a 5s as a replacement instead.  Has anyone dealt with this type of situation and how long did you have to wait?  I'm at my wits-end here.  Sprint definitely lost a customer over this one.

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