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Apple Employee and Sprint


Apple Employee and Sprint

Does any one have any idea how to go about getting the new 5S at the upgrade price for Apple employee accounts? Since this particular account type is not supported in any way (,, etc) to purchase, how are we supposed to get one? Sprint has verified to our store that employees can get it on the upgrade price, but no one knows how or when we are able to. A Sprint rep told me herself that we are Apple Employee Plan holders and not indirect agents (which apparently is something else entirely). Our in-store rep seems to have little information as well which is terribly disheartening considering I've been a customer for eight years. I express this only because it seems as though I get less help and less answers than back when I had a normal consumer plan.


Re: Apple Employee and Sprint

Not sure if you have tried calling Sprint and placing order over the phone. Instore or Online purchasing will require you to change your plan.

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