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Boost mobile iPhone 8


Boost mobile iPhone 8

I want to migrate from boost mobile to sprint using my current iPhone 8. Now I have talked to an agent this morning who assured me that this was possible and all I needed was to buy a sprint SIM card. I went to the store picked up my new SIM card and inserted it the phone. When I called to activate it I was told that you cannot use prepaid phones (virgin, boost or sprint prepaid) on sprints postpaid network... so my question is, can I use my current iPhone 8 or not?!!!! 


Re: Boost mobile iPhone 8

Hello @hartmank48,


At the moment, we can only add postpaid devices to our database as part of our Bring Your Own Device program. Your current Pre-paid iPhone 8 will not work. One option that you have is to actually let us buy your device in exchange of a lower rate on one of our Sprint flex leases. You can find more info about it by visiting a store or through this link:

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