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Busy Signal on all Outbound Calls


Busy Signal on all Outbound Calls

My brother, mom, sister, & so on can call me, but if I try to call them, I get a busy signal. I already rest my iPhone X and my bill is not over due. What’s going on?


This can be frustrating, I understand what you're going through. Are you by chance using WIFI Calling, or Calling Plus when you are making these calls?

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My mom has a LG V30. Starting last weekend she noticed when she calls some landlines she just gets a busy signal. She is not using wifi calling or calling plus or anything nifty. She does have a blocked number – but we know that only one of the landlines she’s calling does actually block unknown numbers (previously dialing *82 and then the number worked for her with this landline). She’s been to a store to try and get assistance—they did a reset, changed sims, etc. But still no resolution. Any ideas on what could be going on here?


That's a little weird. I'd like to look into this and see what's going on. I'm going to see if this is a known issue or not.


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