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Domestic Unlock for non-customer


Domestic Unlock for non-customer

I bought a used Sprint iPhone 6s through a local phone repair shop. The device shows a clean imei. I checked with, as well as the bring your own device pages of several Sprint MVNO's, and they all report that my phone is clean and eligible for service.


Looking at the page for Sprints unlocking policy, it says that the must either be active on Sprint, or must have previously been active on Sprint. Which would make it seem like even if I am not a Sprint customer, my phone can be unlocked. But then there is no information on how to do so. No website to visit, no number to call, or any steps to take at all.


So my question is; how do I, as a non-Sprint customer, have my phone domestic unlocked?


Re: Domestic Unlock for non-customer

dleesantini, in this case, additional validation its required to ensure eligibility like the account number or account name last associated with the Sprint device.


Please respond to my private message and I can review this information with you.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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