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Favorite iPhone Apps?


Favorite iPhone Apps?

Camera+ is the best camera I've ever had on any phone.  Love that app, especially the zoom feature.

Taxi Magic - press a button and here comes your cab

Newstand - I read everything I want!

Spotify - Best music app ever (paying customer of course)

I am researching all the food apps now...and looking for a good yoga one. 

What do you like?


WhatsApp Text all my international friends Free and they can do they same to me.

Map Quest Worked very well when i needed to find a back road to where i was going.

Foursquare  Love checking in to places. Gives you feedback/reviews on the place you are at( IE resturant.. if a server was bd or food was poor)

Pandora I love having this runing while I workout at home( Listening to Shawn T(insanity) say Push through while my favorite  Electronic/Dance is playing is just great)

Had Camera+ on my EVO loved that app and I got it free on a daily Amazon free app day.... Its worth the money though IMO


Hi Lampremier, Please find out my top 5 iphone app that I am working for it,

  • WorldCard Mobile- It is a effective business card reader and scanner app that instantly information from business cards to the user’s native contacts.
  • Angry Birds- It is an amazing game app.
  • Worldictionary- For instant translation and search of words.
  • Pocket Yoga- Useful app for yoga.
  • Six Pack App- Helps to keep up my calorie up-to level.

Wunderlist -- great for keeping lots of to do / wish lists

Pulse -- my go-to news feed reader

Quora -- a Q&A community that you can get prettty solid answers from

Foodspotting -- obsessive documentation of all things delicious, good for getting an idea of what's yummy around you

Big Lens -- my go-to post-production aperture adjuster to get shallower depth of field for my iphone photos

Angry Birds Seasons -- for the angry birds pro... the cool themed add ons are fun AND challenging

Glass Pong -- not sure why this game is so addicting but it is


I love the games

Where's my Water


Word Warp

The app Rage Faces if fun when texting my friends who understand them, and I guess for those that do not

Also have to agree with MapQuest for the best free navigation app. It got me where I needed to go this weekend without a hitch.



Plants & Zombies (geez, this game is addictive!!!)

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