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International Travel - use wireless only iPhone 4s


International Travel - use wireless only iPhone 4s

We are traveling to the Dominican Republic this weekend and I would like to use my iPhone 4s as basicly a wireless device to check email and surf the internet so that I can avoid taking my laptop.  I do not want to make any calls or be charged for roaming.  I assume I can put the phone in "Airplane Mode" as a first step.  Are there other phone features I should disable so that I will not be charged?  Siri?  iCloud stuff?   Also, can I text people in the states without charges while using the wireless network?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: International Travel - use wireless only iPhone 4s

You can enable airplane mode and use wi-fi only and you will not be charged. You will not be able to text as that is a network function. It is important not to turn on the network at any time because doing so will route all of your data, calls etc to a international roaming tower and you will incur charges.

Here is the page for international services

You may want to contact the international services team if you need your device to work when you are there. If you don't have it activated internationally it wont work to call back to the states even if you had an emergency.

Here are rates if you do have it activated.

International Roaming in Dominican Republic
Pricing Information International Dialing
Voice Pricing: $1.99/minute
Special Voice Pricing: $1.69/min. with SWW Voice add-on
Data Pricing: $0.004/KB
Text Pricing: Send: $0.50/recipient; Received: $0.05/msg
Access Code (CDMA): "011"
Country Code: "1"



Re: International Travel - use wireless only iPhone 4s

If you use voice or data (3G) for anything you'll have to pay. Siri and iCloud will work over WiFi.

You can text message for free using iMessage over WiFi.

If you're looking for free or almost free voice and SMS texting, you may want to look into : Textfree, Text+, Talkatone or Skype in the iTunes AppStore.

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