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Iphone 5 unlocking challenge


Iphone 5 unlocking challenge

I've called 5 times and Apple has called as well with each CSR reporting that my iPhone 5 has been unlocked. I've inputted 2 new SIM cards to continue to tell me "SIM Not Supported" which confirms the phone is NOT unlocked. I even had 2 CSRs give me MSL which truly shows they do NOT have knowledgeable reps. MSLs don't apply to iPhones. Oh you have to love the fact that these CSRs have to create a Case ID for a phone that has been repeatedly told it's unlock and you have to wait 3-5 days for an email which NEVER arrives. Speaking to a supervisor is a joke....they put you on eternal hold..The law was passed but yet Sprint makes you go through hurdles in Death Valley before you can get your phone unlocked, the more reason why I  don't have them as a carrier anymore.

Sprint Employee

Re: Iphone 5 unlocking challenge

I can certainly understand your frustration here. The iPhone 5 was manufactured before we made an agreement with apple to support Domestic SIM Unlocking (DSU) This is why we cannot successfully unlock the phone from our side by opening a case. Apple does not see this because each carrier has their own arrangements with the manufacturer. Often we will provide you with the MSL/SPC to allow you to alter the settings within the phone, and is outside of our realm of support. Starting with the iPhone 5c we do support unlocking from here, and often a case needs to be submitted to facilitate the request. I hope this information help you.

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