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Iphone 5s


Iphone 5s

Hey sprint I just brought a iPhone 5s online and can not get in contact with the seller do to the fax the phone came up blacklisted as stolen its a upgrade from the iPhone 4s I have also brought a SIM card for the phone (5s) is there anything I can do or can you help in anyway, I'm also staying in the same service (sprint)


Re: Iphone 5s

Sell it as is (identify it as locked/blacklisted/blocked).  It has value for the parts.

In the future, buy used local, meet the seller at a Sprint store and pay them after you’ve verified that it can be activated.


Re: Iphone 5s


Unfortunately we would not be able to remove the lost/stolen flag from the ESN for you.  If you are able to get in touch with the seller, they can reach out to us to have the flag removed.  

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