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Iphone - can’t receive sms from verizon


Iphone - can’t receive sms from verizon

I had my iPhone replaced by Apple because it was defective. Now I can’t receive SMS messages from verizon. I can send SMS to verizon numbers and can receive MMS from Verizon. I’ve reset my network settings, have turned off iMessage, nothing works. The in-store rep couldn’t fix it, tech support couldn’t fix it. Really frustrating. Anyone know how to get this resolved?


Re: Iphone - can’t receive sms from verizon

Hello lbwendling, I'd gladly check this for you. Are you able to receive MMS from another contact? Are you using a Third Party messaging application? Please, compose an MMS and send it to your own number.

Also, I'd like to review your coverage area, provide the nearest cross streets and ZIP code.

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