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Issues with iPhone 5. Who else?


Issues with iPhone 5. Who else?

I'm on my second one. The first one wouldn't connect to ANY data. All it could literally do was call and text. I just bought the phone and two or so days later, had to get another.

My current one worked great until about three weeks in. Suddenly, text messages and imessage kept crashing. Phone/app sounds would become staticy totally randomly. Went to apple and it turned out the firmware became corrupt.

Restored the phone there and the problems returned the next day. And this time my e-mail kept crashing. Figured the full backup from my computer had the bugs on it, so I did a second restore and didn't do a full backup, only what icloud automatically put back in.

Phone worked great, FOR A DAY. Apps started crashing, siri would lag and then hang, would have to close her down and restart her after the phone would stop "thinking," random static phone/app sounds returned. Texts/imessage/facetime crashed again.

I reboot my phone on a regular basis, have never dropped it, I even have the LifeProof case on it. I turn it off daily, only download apps from apples app store, it's NOT jailbroken nor has it ever been and it's fully updated.

I'm going to get the Samsung s4 when it comes out but i'm just wondering if anyone else has these types of issues? I could have gotten another iPhone but I don't want to deal with this nonsense anymore. Are these issues related to IOS6? At the apple store, the guy said it wasn't the apps but the firmware. I'm just curious to see what other peoples issues with this phone have been.

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