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No SIM Message iPhone 6s - solved


No SIM Message iPhone 6s - solved

Just want to share my experience in case others out there might be getting this on their iPhone 6s.  We've had the 6s working fine but then it started periodically showing the 'No SIM' message.  Infrequently at first, once or twice per month, then per week, then daily.  A restart of the phone usually resolved it.  But it came back.  Updating the IOS software resolved it.  But it came back  Reset networks via the phone's setting resolved it.  But it came back.  Then resetting via dial pad resolved it.  But it came back.  This is when it became a daily exercise until I was able to get it to a Sprint service center.


At first, I was told that the phone is out of warranty and because there's no service agreement with Sprint, they might not be able to do anything without me first forking out some money.  I asked if we could just swap the SIM out for another before taking it further with service, or buying a new phone.


With hesitancy, the tech swapped the SIM on the iPhone 6s, and it has been working fine since for the past three weeks.  (Knock on wood.)




Re: No SIM Message iPhone 6s - solved

Yay!! That's good to hear. Thank you for sharing your experience.





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