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Open World vs. Premium International Experience


Open World vs. Premium International Experience

Good Evening!


Looking for some advice.  I am seeking to see the differences between Sprint Open World and the Premium International Experience (PIE).  The differences, to me, seem to be unlimited LTE on PIE in Canada and Mexico while Open World is capped at 1GB LTE.  Am I missing something else?  Any recommendations as to stay on Open World or move to PIE?


Lastly,  I have a Series 3 Apple Watch LTE and am aware it is not compatible with roaming in other countries. I was told my iPhone will roam as normal.  I did not have any activation/enablement problems with Open World on my account and the Watch activating in November.  If I add PIE and remove Open World, will my Series 3 continue to function on Sprint LTE inside the States? I see several enablement errors where users have to remove Global Roaming and/or the $4.00 add-on to have their watches function properly.  This may have been fixed, but I am not sure.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Sprint Employee

Hi smashcraft. Thanks for the questions. Let's start with the difference between SOW and PIE. One big difference with SOW is that you had to add this plan to your account. With PIE there is no plan to accept and no up-front or monthly charges to enable international services. Customers get great service in 200+ destinations around the world. Learn more @ sprint.com/globalroaming.


As for the series 3 watch, the issue has not been resolved yet. I would keep the SOW for now.


Have a look at the FAQ for Sprint Open World here: http://sprint.co/2hl5veP

For FAQ about Premium International Experience visit: http://sprint.co/2i9icJK

Sprint Social Care

open world i believe has ended or is in the process of ending. there is also this


if you are currently using open world then it will continue to work for now. if you have it and opt out of it you are not able to opt back in since technically its no longer available. info on this here

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Thank you, Juan.  That answered my concern.  I did not want to remove SOW and not be able to add PIE to my account, or worse, have the Series 3 LTE disabled if PIE was added.  Once removed, I cannot get SOW back, so I will leave everything as is.  


Is there a timeframe of when the issue with Series 3 will be resolved?


As of right now, we don't have a timeframe available. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

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Good Afternoon:


Is there an update regarding Premium International Experience and Sprint Open World?  I do not want to remove SOW from my plan if PIE cannot be added to the account.  I have a Series 3 Cellular Apple Watch on my account, and I do not want to cause issues with the watch.    


I have escalated the questions pertaining to the watch. In the comparison of the two programs, Sprint Open World is no longer offered. If it is removed, it can't be added back. Open World also provides that 1GB of LTE at no additional charge. With Global Roaming, it is unlimited data, but it is 2G speed.


Please stick around this thread for updates with how the watch plays into the international experience.





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Good news, we have an answer. If you change the plan it will not bother the watch.


With that being said, if you want to switch, go for it.


If you need anything else let us know.



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Thank you!

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